Legacy Swim Academy is a privately owned and operated swim school in San Diego, California offering year-round aquatic programming.

Three generations of swimming promotion, pool programming and aquatic center development are the foundation upon which LSA is built. Launching operations in early 2017, LSA has undoubtedly made an immediate impact and deep connection with the Coronado, Navy and San Diego community.

The founder, Brian Hall, has created a program that effectively teaches a strong understanding of technique and feel for the water. At the same time, his program invokes the unforgettable fun that he recalls from his fondest memories racing his brothers, cousins and friends or diving into the deep-end off of the springboard and floating around to soak up some sun!

Brian’s exposure to aquatic programming goes back to his grandfather, who helped develop many pools throughout his life including the world class Phoenix Swim Club, in 1987. His father was on the board of directors and involved in all aspects of operations. His Aunt and Uncle ran the lesson program that by 1998 outgrew the facility and advanced into the successful Hubbard Family Swim School. As competitive swimmers, his oldest brother Gary Jr., won ten Olympic medals and his father Gary Sr., earned three Olympic medals. They are the only father/son duo to attend three Olympic games each. Additionally, his grandfather, uncle, aunt and several other siblings were nationally ranked swimming champions.

Swimming is an immensely popular sport locally, nationally and worldwide. It’s also a healthy life-skill that saves countless lives in every segment of aquatic activity.

Legacy Swim Academy Philosophy