Legacy Swim Academy’s philosophy strives to help swimmers of all ages and levels become more confident in their abilities and encourage various aquatic activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We cater to each client’s genuine interests, whether it be basic fitness, diving in the deep end, working on water polo basics, fine tuning racing speed, practical training for open water and/or ocean swimming, or mastering the art of the cannon ball.

Instructors at LSA are trained to take on an active and participatory role in each lesson, offering visual demonstration and encouragement to motivate each swimmer to push themselves to become better and stronger swimmers. Each lesson is passionately infused with a spirit of aquatic adventure in a respectful homage to the many heroes and legends that continue to inspire Southern California and the United States.

In addition to teaching basic survival skills and technical instruction on the strokes, LSA is proud to focus on developing breath control, buoyancy and learning how to maximize propulsion in the most energy efficient manner.