• Refund Policy and Special Notes

Legacy Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel all, or any portion of a swim lesson due to weather, acts of God, or any other reasons within or beyond its control. Any cancellation made under 24 hours to the start of the scheduled swim lesson will be charged to your account.

LSA reserves the right to cancel or not host a lesson with fewer than 2 participants enrolled.

  • Double Diaper Policy

When a fecal accident happens, it forces us to close down for the day. This leads to frustration with all parties affected. Let’s do everything that we can to prevent this from happening!

Our Preventative Approach requires all children under 4 years old to wear swim diapers:

  • Children age 3 and under and those NOT COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED must wear a two snug fitting non-disposable diapers. We highly recommend the brand Happy Nappy for the bottom layer for any accident prone children.
  • By double-diapering we hope to minimize fecal accidents in our pool.
  • Please make sure that your child visits the bathroom before the start of lessons, even if they went at home. Please be mindful that just because children can tell mom/dad that they have to go to the bathroom doesn’t mean that they will ask the instructor.
  • If you observe your child showing signs of urgency, please come into the pool area, take your child out of class and to the bathroom. Nobody will be offended.
  • If your child is not feeling well, has cramps, diarrhea, or an upset stomach, do not come to class. It’s much easier to reschedule 1 child than it is to disappoint over 200.

Many of the families taking lessons at Legacy Swim Academy go through enormous efforts to make it to class on time. We do not want to disappoint anyone with something that can be prevented. Let’s all work together to avoid any mishaps.

For every fecal accident, we must charge a $400.00 cleanup fee if the child that had the accident is not double-diapered. Email info@legacyswimacademy.com for vendors that sell non-disposable and disposable diapers, if you are not sure where to find.

  • Sickness Policy

If your child is sick please notify us at once so we can adjust the schedule accordingly. We need to keep our instructors healthy so we can provide top-notch service. Last minute cancellations (within 24 hr) due to sickness will be dealt with on an individual basis. We reserve the right to charge the cost of the lesson without a note from a doctor. Signs your child should NOT come to lessons: fever, throwing up, green snot or phlegm, open wounds and diarrhea. Please help us keep everyone healthy!

If you miss a lesson and have not notified us, the cost of the lesson is still your responsibility.