NOTE: Legacy Swim Academy’s program is billed for on a month-to-month basis. A 30 day notice minimum (for last class) is required to drop out or transfer classes.

1. Monthly payments will be processed through your bank account or Visa or MasterCard set up in the Parent Portal. Parents are unable to submit payments as they are processed by LSA admin.
2. Payments will be processed on the 25th of the month for the following month’s lessons offered.
3. You must notify us by email sent to if you plan to drop or transfer your class with 30 days’ (minimum) notice before your final lesson.
4. Once payments have been processed lessons are non-refundable.
5. NO MAKE UPS – Legacy Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel all, or any portion of a swim lesson due to weather, acts of God, or any other reasons within or beyond its control. Any cancellation made under 24 hours to the start of the scheduled swim lesson will be charged to your account. We firmly ask that you commit only to days/times that you will be able to attend consistently on a weekly basis.
6. We offer a 20% discount to military families towards tuition balances (except for Accelerator Packages).
7. When you register you will pay an annual registration fee of $27.50 per family.
8. Please plan to attend lessons upon registration completion, as we do not hold spots or confirm timeframes for time periods beyond 7 days.
9. We fully recognize and respect the value of consistency when having an instructor paired with your students as a beneficial aid to their development but must maintain that if/when a sub is called in, we are providing a well qualified and informed LSA swim instructor with great assessment skills and tips for improving stroke development and water safety. Our students are assigned levels and the instructors/subs administer a weekly curriculum to ensure that all sub-skills and benchmarks are being worked towards through the duration of the season. We work our best to provide a consistent instructor through the duration of the season but it is not guaranteed.

We observe the following holidays and will not host lessons. Families will not be billed for observed holidays or the following pool closure dates:

Community Center will be OFF:

11/20 through 11/28/2022 – off for the Thanksgiving week

12/18 through 1/2/2023 – off for the Winter holidays

BBMAC will be OFF:

OFF FOR WINTER SEASON – lessons will resume at the BBMAC for the Spring Season beginning 3/6/2023

LEARN TO SWIM: $27.50 per student per 30 minute lesson

DEVELOPMENTAL: $27.50 per student per 30 minute lesson

ADVANCED TECHNIQUE LESSONS: $27.50 per 30 minute lesson

PARENT/CHILD – LOBSTER GROUPS: $27.50 per 30 minute lesson

PRIVATE LESSONS: $55 per 30 minute lesson and limited to 1 student

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: $41.25 per 30 minute lesson and limited to 2 students

TUNA SQUAD – RECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM: $175 per month (up to three 60 minute lessons per week)**

**coached from on-deck – students must qualify via tryout – 1 recreational swim meet per season

(20% active duty military discount offered on all tuition balances except Accelerator Package)

ACCELERATOR PACKAGE – $350 for five 30 minute private lessons scheduled within the span of one week (not eligible for discount)