For Students/Guardians:

  • Please do not enter the facility without checking in with a LSA deck attendant or facility lifeguard.
  • Temperature / symptom checks will be conducted as attendance is taken prior to gaining entrance to the building.
  • Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson start time so you can make your way to the check in area with your children ready to go in their swimsuits with their own goggles (optional). NO DECK CHANGING IS PERMITTED. All children age 3 and under as well as any student that is not COMPLETELY potty trained are required to wear two non-disposable diapers for their lesson.
  • Each student is allowed 1 guardian to gain entrance to the building with them. All patrons/visitors must have facial coverings and wear them at all times within the complex. Neck-Gators are no longer acceptable forms of facial coverings at the facility.
  • You will be led into the pool area a few minutes prior to your lesson start time by the deck attendant and other students in a distanced group.
  • We are currently limiting the number of students for the instructional pool
  • Guardians should obey signage and maintain at least 6 ft from other patrons, students and instructors.
  • Please do not eat during your attendance and when sitting in an area be sure to limit movement and/or touching things
  • Follow signage posted and when entering and make your way to the rear CHECK IN AREA (see site map below). LSA students will utilize the EXIT nearest the stairway of the instructional pool and then follow signage to exit the facility on sixth street.
  • LSA and BBMAC staff will frequently be disinfecting common areas and surfaces as well as provide hand sanitizer.


For All Employees:

•Temperature / symptom checks will be conducted before employee may enter the building.

• All employees have been told not to come to work if sick.

• All employees are required to wear face coverings/masks inside the BBMAC facility until the start of the first lesson and can only be removed if a plastic face shield is then in use.

• Avoid going into work areas where you are not needed.

•Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds upon entering the facility and throughout the day, and after touching any frequently used items or surfaces.

• Avoid touching your face, and sneeze or cough into the pool gutter or the inside of your elbow followed by a wipe-down or wash.

• Respect the 6-foot distance between you and others as much as possible.

• LSA will be limiting the number of clients  allowed in the facility at one time.

• Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces with available supplies.

•Snacks/Meals: Have lunch in your separate space to avoid close proximity to other employees. Bring your own utensils and cups/bottles, as we will no longer have shared company supplies.

For Deck Attendants and Instructors:

• Do not use or handle other employees’ items including phones, pens, bags, suits or goggles.

• Follow client protocol when taking attendance and walking in lesson groups that are maintaining distance within the group

• 1 person/guardian is responsible for bringing in each student as a distanced group.

• Any common barbells, flippers or toys are to be disinfected before and after each lesson.

• Each instructor should maintain their own equipment and return to the milk carton so that the Deck Attendant can swap in disinfected items

• When necessary to work near the stairs communicate clearly with other instructors to maintain distance from other groups.

• No more than one group should utilize the stair area for their lesson at a time (passing by for entry/exit should be kept to a minimum)

• Respect the required 6 ft. of distance between you and others when able to. You may coach from the side of the pool for groups consisting of strong confident lap swimmers.

• Wear a protective plastic shield and/or mask and/or eyewear at all times.

• Use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands frequently throughout the day.

• Instructors wearing plastic face shields are able to handle swimmers that are unsafe in the water and a small distance should be maintained when warranted – otherwise maintain distance as best as possible and close face-to-face interactions should be kept to a minimum.

Sick Protocols

• Understand the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and stay home if you are feeling sick

• Any employee who is experiencing symptoms of COVID19
(e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, chills or fatigue) should stay home and don’t leave except to get medical care.

• Get in touch with your doctor if you have trouble breathing or have other warning signs.

• Avoid public transportation and stay away from public areas.

• Self-isolate at home as much as possible so as not to infect others in your household.

• Visit for other guidelines on COVID-19.

•Let LSA know as soon as possible that you are sick so that we can coordinate the appropriate action plan.