Lesson Cost: $15 per 25 minute lesson ($15 per device/screen) – we do offer a 20% active duty military discount.

Participants Allowed: Up to three devices/screens per 25 minute lesson. Up to two students or siblings per device/screen at no additional charge.

Season Duration: The Online Swim Lesson Season will run from 4/6 through 6/12/2020. Once enrolled it is assumed you will participate once per week for the length of the season. You may exit the program earlier with a 30 day notice sent to exit@legacyswimacademy.com.

Schedule: Once per week participation, meeting at the same time each week with a rotating curriculum.

Session: Each 25 minute session consists of a Check In, Warm Up Stretch, Inspirational Video, Stroke Activity/Exercise, Example Videos, and Homework Activity/Assignment.

Curriculums: 5 rotating sessions – Dolphin/Butterfly, Sea Otter/Backstroke, Froggy/Breaststroke, Shark/Freestyle, Misc. Water Sport/Activity.

Class Levels: Timeframes will be designated one of the following class levels upon the first students’ registration – Learn To Swim (3-7 years), Developmental (5-9 years), Advanced Technique (8-14 years).

Materials/Space Required: Students should place a laptop or tablet in front of a carpeted or rug area – similar to the amount of space needed for yoga.

New Families: Free Registration – No annual registration fee will be applied to new applicants for online services at this time.

Existing Families: Class credits from March 2020 may be applied towards Online Classes if that is your preference – otherwise we will work to accommodate make ups when lessons are able to resume at the BBMAC facility. Please email directly if credits are to be utilized.

Billing: Payments will be processed through credit card information on file on the 25th of the month for the following months’ lessons offered. Please note some months may vary on how many times a class session will meet. The first month’s tuition will be pro-rated for your start date and processed shortly after that first class.



  1. Do I need a swimming pool? – NO. No Swimming pool is required for our online swim lessons.
  2. What should my child wear? – Comfortable cloths suitable for stretching and laying down.
  3. Can I participate in the lesson? – Yes, up to two persons per screen can participate and engage in our discussions/exercises. A guardian or older sibling can be a helpful facilitator for our more challenging activities/homework.
  4. What are the differences between levels? – Curriculums are very similar for Learn To Swim, Developmental, or Advanced Technique. Each level will increase in detail, rigorousness and number of repetitions for exercise.
  5. My children are different levels but want to share a screen, what level should I pick? – Students will benefit the most from participating in their own respective level, but should you prefer they are in the same group and share a screen it is best to go with the lower level.
  6. What if I miss a lesson? – A taped recording of the lesson curriculum for that week can be sent for the respective class level upon your request.
  7. Are all sessions taped/recorded? NO. If a family is to be recorded, we will have communicated in advance and agreed to share content for ‘make up’ or marketing purposes.
  8. Can I arrange a PRIVATE lesson? YES. Private Lessons are $35 per 25 minute lesson and limited to one student (all three screen/device slots must be purchased by a single student). Any class/timeframe with three openings can be converted to a PRIVATE setting upon request.
  9. I have a swimming pool, can we set up a Zoom lesson for that setting? Yes, however this would be accommodated as a PRIVATE lesson only. Please email me directly for additional information regarding this setting.
  10. Can children under 3 years old participate? We do not recommend having children under 3 participate in the ZOOM classes, but I am happy to send information and video links for daily and regular bath/shower exercises to help your child familiarize themselves with the water.